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Good Choice USA Vietnam , Inc.
( Office Viet Nam )

Add: 365 Nguyen An Ninh Street, Ward 9, Vung Tau City,
Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Tel: (84-64)355 3868  
Cel:(84) 908 280 687
      (84) 122 263 9587
      (84) 907 644 175
Fax: 064 355 3868



The world is constantly changing in every aspect, and in particular, economically and environmentally. Good Choice was founded for the purpose of implementing, while accommodating those changes, for the betterment of the populace.Good Choice is involved in land development, project construction, telecommunications, tourism, and import and export. Good Choice is at the forefront of using and applying new methodology and technology and materials in our construction projects. Futhermore, environmental safety is our primary concern, and all our projects reflect that principle.
Land Development: Over the past few years, Good Choice has been immersed in developing two resort projects in Vung Tau, Vietnam. These revolutionary resorts have been designed to fulfill all the possible needs of its visitors, by offering plenty of accommodations, dining, and shopping.The Vung Tau Theme Park covers 150 Ha (375 acres), while the Vung Tau Aquarium stretches 700meters into the open seafront, creating a beautiful marina with over 75 Ha (187 acres) of space. Even though a number of guests will visit the resorts purely for recreational purposes such as experiencing the wonderful beaches and world-class hotels, the resorts also provide an ideal environment for relaxing and recuperation after a long, hard day of work.Some of our other projects at Vung Tau include designing modern business complexes, retail shopping malls, high-rise office buildings, and even charming condominiums built to provide comfort and convenience to its thousands of residents.
Telecommunications: Good Choice is dedicated to supporting this fast-growing industry. We have set up communication systems and data centers for delivery of high-quality and high-speed Internet. We believe that this represents the future of mass communication and connectivity, and by immersing ourselves in the telecommunications field, we can continue to grow with it.
Tourism: It is common knowledge that traveling and visiting new and exciting locales can be beneficial to one’s quality of life, as well as enhancing one’s wisdom, all while relieving stress. Good Choice seeks to provide this form of relaxation to a broad audience by pursuing different venues of tourism for people throughout the world.
Business (Import/Export):
Good Choice offers solutions to international businesses by importing and exporting various commodities. We provide service with the utmost level of integrity and professionalism.